Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some times I just want to rip my shirt off

So I haven't blogged in awhile.
The last few, and coming few weeks have been the busiest ever.

I'm on probation in work. Not enough Programing points. I suck. I hate my job.

Also I'm in a play, Space Brothers, its performed and written by the sketch comedy guys.
It's pretty fun.
Tonight is the last show for it.

I also have been trying to organize end-of-the-year fun with all my peeps
This includes a camping trip, mariners game, black lake and other fun stuff.

Oh yeah, and there's my stupid class, gotta finish that.
And my stupid job.
And my new job at Camp Kirby
And fixing my car so I can leave Olympia.
Sorry, rant ends.

Summer is here in full force with all its furious heat. Last night Riley's crew and I slept under the stars. We didn't even get cold. I was running around without a shirt and making noises in the night. It was freeing. Then I had to be on-duty and do a bunch of geoduck fest crap. I was in a dunk tank, that was pretty fun.

Since it was hot and whatnot all the handsome dudes had their shirt off. I've always wanted to have the self-confidence to do that. No matter how much you can say not to care what other people think. Being shirtless is one of deepest fears. I have gotten better with this, but I still will never be shirtless dude in the field.

On second thought maybe I don't want to be the shirtless guy. I mean, I'd have to worry way more about being sunburned. And get people to lather my up in sunscreen, lame.

Sunscreen has got to be one of the greatest inventions ever.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So I've started watching the first season of Deadwood.
Its fucking awesome, and it makes me want to say cocksucker all the time.

But I try not to.

Anyway, I did a little google search on it.
And its a real fucking town, I had know idea any of it was based of something real.
The town is real, There was actually a lawless town called DEADWOOD, How cool is that?

Also, most of the characters are based after the real people of the town.

I'm also in a comedy this weekend. The play is Space Brothers, the cast includes most of the sketch people.

I have to figure out what class to take.

For fall and winter: ReImagining the M/East or Russia.
and in Spring I want to take a theatre class,

this would be a first for me, academic wise.
There's also this comic book class I want to take.

Friday, May 2, 2008


I saw Iron Man tonight with Riley, Nathan, Corbin, and Mark.
We all liked it.

I brought up the question if the Black Sabbath song "Iron man" was about Iron Man the Marvel Comics hero.

Nope it isn't. I looked it up, it's about a guy trying to tell people about the coming apocalypse, turns to steel, ends up being the apocalypse.

Lots of explosions and fun special effects without all the rubbish that came with some of the other super hero movies.

Also, if you see it wait until after the credits. ****Kinda spoiler coming up, not really****

So the film has hints to S.H.I.E.L.D during it. Teasers for the nerds like me.

After the credits Sam Jackson makes an appearance as NICK FURRY, badass eye patch dude in charge of Shield. He tells Tony Stark about the Avengers initiative.

This is the ultimate hint to fans that there will be an Avengers crossover movie. Most likely including Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor....maybe Ant-man, Spider-man, and Wolverine.