Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Reflections on San Diego so Far

It is big.

And driving around it makes it seem bigger. It's like being trapped in vortex the car keeps going but nothing changes, house after house all white with spanish roofing. Palm tree here, eucalyptus tree there, lots of brown. 

There is stuff everywhere. 
Safeway is called Vons and I felt cool when I got here because I already new that. They also have Ralph's which is mentioned in The Big Lebowski. I went in one last night so I could check it off my list of Places to go Featured in Coen Brothers Films. Bainard here I come! 

I went to In-N-Out twice so far and while I agree with Matt It is very good and the milkshake is just about the best thing around for $1.75 it still can't beat my Dicks. 

The Mexican food rocks.

I found a scorpion under the second rock I lifted up while exploring a "canyon" After following the canyon for about 2 miles I ended up at Matt's old High School. I called for help after this. 

Matt's house is like a library so many books. So when Matt is at the dentist or we have nothing to go I get to read.

Just finished the Perks of Being a Wallflower. Pretty dang good, although I wished I read it in High School, still though it was very good. 

I should be reading City of Salt for my class, but fuck that book. 

I think The Office is on tonight. Yes. I may miss it. Dang. Hopefully I may get to go on or near the set in LA. 

It's hot and I miss me rain and trees and all you guys and to be honest I'm ready to be on the road. But it's cool. 

This trip may help me appreciate Olympia and La Conner. 

Oh yeah and I miss all of you. And I am excited about my house. 

Sunday, September 14, 2008

California Crossection

Well, I'm off to San Diego tomorrow.
Pretty excited for that.
Totally gonna get some ginger ale on the plane ride over.
mmmmmmmmm ginger ale

Hopefully Matt and I can keep ya'll updated as we roadtrip up.
Pictures! .....maybe.
I bet Matt is gonna make me go to IN and Out Burgers and will fart in there faces and say how much better Dicks Drive In is!

So I was in this book store I like a lot in Mount Vernon called Eastons. And I found a book I loved as a kid. Did anybody read/look at for hours the Incredible Crossections books. Well I found the Man of War one about the British Navy Ship. It is so cool, just as cool as it was when I was ten. I want to bring it on the plane, but it's pretty big. I just need to find the Star Wars and Castle books.

British naval history is cool. I loved this show on A&E called Horatio Hornblower.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Evil in Its Many Shades

Sometimes the way this world works gets to me. 

It sticks to you. Like being thrown in a swimming pool full of molasses. The dark syrup clings to your skin It shuts out the light and the way you breath. You surface, but it's thick and you can't swim so you just grasp at nothing. Your hands reach out to ghosts. 

Earlier this morning I read an article in the local newspaper. It went over the events that happened in what they're calling the Skagit Valley Shooting. The article was pretty straight forward but it made me feel evil, I felt it in my gut in a way I've never felt before. 

I'm spoiled. In my home town(La Conner), crime is not a problem. I've never had a key to my house and I leave my car unlocked with my ipod on the seat and keys in the ignition. The only thing that normally scares me is my own imagination in that town. Yes, I'm sheltered the closest I come to being exposed to crime and violence is in the movies, television, and books. Most of my ideas on Justice have been cultivated by super heros, westerns and comic books. 

My first thought about the shooter was hang him. He must be punished for this and the only way to do that is kill him. Then I thought some more. He fought in Iraq, that must fuck you up. Is it his fault deep down or is it a greater evil reaching through him. The backlashes of war coming home. No maybe not, lots of people have been to that place, they probably don't come back the same, but many others handle it with out killing people. I also read about him having an extensive record of crime. I go back to my original judgement. 

I normally seem to fly flags that would go under the liberal category. But I'm thinking more and more I believe in capital punishment. Maybe this will change someday. But right now I see no good way to fight evil. I'm holding to the fight fire with fire philosophy for the time being. 

All this thinking in general gets me down. I want things to change so bad. I want things to go my way. I want to throw a tantrum. I'm a afraid of what Americans are coming. I feel like I'm not alone in this either, but that no one is listening. 

I see sign after sign on the side of the road as I drive around my Valley. Flashes of color and the name of a person promising me things, whispering in my ear everything is fine we'll figure it out. These politicians make me sick sometimes. And thats for both sides. I see my Valley being invaded. Giant cubes, they pop up overnight. They big gray boxes all promise me fun for a short time. Cheaper and cheaper fun. And we need it to be cheap, because we need more and more fun. 

I want to believe in a romantic America I really do. I want hardware stores, grocery stores, and sporting goods store to be separate. 

I used to be proud of La Conner. Now I see how fake it is. It's hallow. It pretends to be a town. But if you go down First Street you will see its not a town. Its a shopping mall with some restaurants. People from big cities come here on SUnday and think they are seeing a real town, but it's a lie. People come here and rise kids because they think its a real American small town, But they are fooled. Just a bunch of damn cubes. Soon the whole Valley will end up that way.

And I don't know how to stop it. 

Here's the article if you want to read it.      

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seattle on TV

So I'm sitting here watching the Seahawks game. It's pretty fucking pain full. 
And it's not like they're getting blown out, just slowly dying. 
One of the worst/boring games i've ever seen. Maybe it will pick up here at the end.

Anyway most of you guys don't care about football. 

They keep playing this super weird and kinda funny Microsoft commercial. It has Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates himself in it. 

I still can't figure out what it's a commercial for? Windows Vista? or something new?

Also I spent a dollar on a candy bar at a gas station. What is the world coming too.