Friday, August 29, 2008

California Dream'n

I'm going to California!

I'm flying down from Bellingham to San Diego and road trip'n up back to Olympia with Matt Louv.
It will be all hella Jack Kerouac. 
Apperently flying from Bellingham is pretty cheap.

And this is the first time I have ever flown by myself. I'm kind of terrified to be honest.
Not the actually flight part but the airport part.
Those of you that have seen me drive in Seattle or Portland know what I'm talking about.
Lots of people and signs and lights and getting somewhere at a time. I've always had someone there. I feel like this is a big step into the whole adulthood thing. 

Airports and hospitals, they just scare the fuck out of me. 

I don't even know all those security rules?

Oh wells it will be fun. The open road, fishing, sandy beaches, red woods, gatorade, and those pretty ladies. 

And These!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Shopping for Clothes

I've almost got this whole clothes shopping thing down. 

At about this time every year my mom takes me to get some new clothes for the coming school year. When i was a kid this sucked soo much! Not only was I a kid, so my sized changed every year, but it was around 3rd or 4th grade when I fully realized I was a "chubby" kid. 

It was tough then trying to find the right jeans that fit my short and wide body, it still is.
You come to accept your body is not in the majority. 
Still half the jeans i get are a bit to long. And my chub varies on activity and season. 
I've come to find a sweet spot in some brands (my size is different on different brands) and at least last year the popular jeans tended to be forgiving to my body type.

This year was a little tough. What the fuck is with "boot leg cut"? it feels like I'm wearing bell bottoms with spandex across my thighs. 

And why do all the jeans look dirty now. Its like this fake working tough guy style.
That's not right, you gotta earn that dirt in them jeans.
Same with all the pre-cut holes, extra buttons and pockets, all shit. 

I managed to find 3 pairs of jeans. Why do people call it a pair of jeans anyway? It's not like a pair of socks? WTF?

Donovan and I have this new thing for whenever we see something that is ugly and like fancy big houses built in the middle of farmland or a big yacht or truck
We pantomime blowing it up with an imaginary bazooka!

try it sometime.   

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Just finished the watchmen.

It was very good.

Anybody need a place to live? 

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Decisions are like the Tide

Camp is over, now what?

Guess I'm gonna work at American Tug again. I don't no how to feel about this. 
It's good because I will have more money to save up. 
Bad, because I have to return to the real world of sweat, swear words, and fiber glass. 
It's stupid hot outside, multiple that by a warehouse full of machines, people, dust, and chemicals.

I'm horrible at making decisions. 
It's like this. 
You know when your in the shower, there's soap and water and it's pleasant. Then you're done, you're all clean and done but you don't get out because the towel part sucks. It's all cold and wet and boring. (that's what she said). So you're just stuck there in the water not wanting to come out.............. maybe this is a bad example and I'm just weird.  

Anyway I'm said and excited camp is over. Its gonna be scary and exciting going back to Olympia and acting like an adult. Tasha, Laurel, and i found this beach cabin to rent from it rocks. But, for once not everything is set up for me. I'm running in slightly blind. Last year I had the RA thing set up, which meant food and and shelter in exchange for a job I could slack at. This time I have to manage working, school and managing the money correctly. And I'm not even thinking about the main reason I'm in Olympia, college. I have to read this damn book before class, and I'm not ready to read all the time again. 

I really got interested in marine life this summer, makes me almost want to be a marine biologist,
I also thought one time, what if i was a nurse.
To bad my memory sucks and I'm a third through school with a bag full of history, economics and the world is shit! 

Oh well I'll rock it somehow. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna take a theatre class this spring to spice things up a bit. 

For my first paycheck of the summer I ordered the Twin Peaks Series on DVD. I'm in Lynch paradise.