Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My 5 Desert Island Albums

  1. Harvest Moon - Neil Young
  2. Another Green World - Brian Eno
  3. Illinoise - Sufjan Stevens
  4. Urban Hymns - The Verve
  5. You Are Free - Cat Power
I also give a nod to any Bruce Springsteen album, Yankee Foxtrot Hotel - Wilco, Neon Bible - Arcade Fire, Pinkerton - Weezer. I would've had a mix CD with some dance music and one hit songs, but I think that breaks the rules. Another Green world was chosen mainly because it has my favorite song on it.

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Greatest Thing Ever Invented

Introducing the Snuggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy, I really hope Riley got one of these for Christmas.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Human Wrecking Balls

Oh man, so I'm sitting here at my mom's house, It's in the middle of nowhere and there's about 2 feet of snow outside. This leaves only a few options of entertainment: watching TV, playing my old Xbox, reading, cooking and eating. My mouth is still swollen so I'm not real excited to help my mom make rice krispies and other goodies I can't eat.

Anyway, I found the coolest show EVER! It's called Human Wrecking Balls! It's on G4. The show is about two brothers that destroy shit with their bare hands. So simple, yet so great. They run through walls, jump through roofs, and sink ships. AMAZING.

For some reason I want to go to Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Great Wisdom Teef Extraction

On Tuesday I got my wisdom teeth yanked out. I remember getting those suction cup things put on my chest then I was on an IV drip. The dentist said my groin would start to tingle and sure enough my enough my balls flet funny and the next thing I knew I was in a dream/drunk like haze. I was kinda disapointed I didn't even get to count down. The nurses were trying to get my to shut up, but all I wanted to do was talk! The put me on wheel chair and had to replace my guaze. I also started to flirt with the nurse that was wheeling me out. I was telling her how strong and funny. Embarassing.

It took for ever to get the pain killers and I was drooling blood spit into a bowl.

The bleeding has stopped and since then I've been poping vicoden, whatching way to much TV and living off of lime JELL-O, scrabbled eggs and mashed taters. My checks a swelling up even more so a look like a chipmuck man. Hopefully I'll be shipshape by New Years Eve.

In other news, for those of you who know what The Business of Anacortes, WA is, it moved to downtown. It's I nice location, but no food, coffee or stage. I don't know how I feel about this.

On Christmas, I will have exactly 2 months until my 21st birthday. A whole new door of the forbiden fuit of adulthood will be opened to me. I'm thinking about doing a Big LeBOWLski birthday party. So 21 one yearolds can drink and the youngens can also have fun and we can bowl. I really want to have a star wars themed party at the beach house as well.

Oh and the thing with Obama and gay rights

Friday, December 19, 2008

Well, I made is back to Skagit Valley alive. It was quite the bare knuckle drive. Up to Edmonds it was ok, but after that it was like driving on an iceberg.

There is even more snow in Mount Vernon than Olympia, more than a foot. I took a bunch of pictures and went to visit Rachael at the Same Ole' Grind. Donovan is in Lake Tahoe until Tuesday so there's not very many people other than them to hang out with. This means lots of movies and reading. Gaye, my Dad's fiancee has HBO on demand, which means I will be watching Curb Your Enthusiasm on pain killers recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction.

I'm still freaked out about this wisdom teeth thing.

There are a couple movies I want to see real bad but can't because art house movies don't get played up here:
The Wrestler
Syndeche, New York
Slumdog Millionaire

I saw Milk in Lacy, hopefully the above films will come to OFS later.

Benjamin button looks pretty good, I'll be able to see that one.

don't really have plans for New Years.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Manic-Depresive Storm

Not to sound like an old man or anything, but sometimes you cam forget about the pure beauty and power nature can have.

It happened yesterday. I had my last day of class for the quarter, it was a potluck and it was over by noon. The stormy weather was picking up just as I was walking to my car. I was cold and grumpy about several colliding events in my life.

Anyway, I got home and went on the computer to watch clips of David Lynch and Werner Herzog on you tube. My desk and computer face looking out to Eld Inlet. The wind whipped around the house, branches cracked, and the gray water was throwing a tantrum. Mother nature grumpy too and it made me feel good. I felt sheltered in my home, but also thought about trees falling upon the house and crushing me. (even worse in my sleep)

After watching Werner Herzog eat his own shoe, I looked up from the screen and saw a yellow hue slice across a gray blanket of clouds. Seconds later a rainbow emerged from the breakaway sunlight in the western sky reaching down and ending on the surface of the seawater in front of me. I have never seen anything like it before, for a second a thought about kayaking to the rainbow's. I also looked for a pot of gold for a split second. These are the things you dream of as a kid.

Then the band of color started to fade away as the dark clouds regrouped and took back their spot in the sky.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ah Sheit

So I'm doing a another contact winter quarter. But I got a partner in crime, Julien.
I just realized this is my second contract on a civil war. So hopefully if I'm looking for a job in the future the person hiring me is really into civil wars.

Boss: "So Charlie, what past experiences do you think you can bring to the table at B&B Enterprises?"

Me: "Well uh, I studied two civil wars in college, the American and the Spanish."

Boss: "Oh Sheit I love talking about the Civil War! You're hired. Man you gonna love this job. We have a lunch room with 70 different types of cereal in it and you can make all the weird noises you want. Oh and there's a Fjord shaped punching bag."

Only in dreams, Only in dreams.

On another note did you know there are only two Historians on the Evergreen faculty. Man what the fuck. Also Evergreen is no longer a liberal arts and science college, just arts and sciences. This according to my sponsor Dave.

Well sheit, all this time I was avoiding art and theatre classes because I want to have liberal arts degree and go on and be a history teacher but it turns out my degree will say art even after I've taken a bunch of god awful humanities classes in order to get some credit in history. So if anyone is as pissed as I am maybe we should send some letters to the dean......if that will do any good. But hey, if SDS got they're way so should we.