Monday, January 28, 2008

Top 10 Movies 2007

1. No Country For Old Men
2. There Will Be Blood
3. Micheal Clayton
4. Juno
5. Darjeeling Limited
6. 3:10 To Yuma
7. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
8. Sunshine
9. Bourne Ultimatum
10. Knocked Up

Movies I haven't seen but I know I will like:
The Savages, Margot at the Wedding, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Control, I'm Not There, Atonement, Ratatouille.

American Gangster, The Golden Compass

Coolest Movies Coming out this Summer:
The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Indiana Jones 4, The Incredible Hulk

Sunday, January 27, 2008


For reasons a little beyond blog world I don't think she'll call.

I went dancing last night. I saw The Next Door Neighbors, they were awesome!
After that I got really depressed and angry about stuff. Riley tried to calm me down but I was uncontainable, I was in full asshole mode.


He was right about stuff and it made me angry. What happens with a lot of girls I like is that I like them so much I end up making them up in my head. I invest so much o my heart thinking they're the one, and boom, my heart gets broke.

This happens often, but not all the time. They are those who have grown to love, for them.

Well I slept in, so I better start my day.


Friday, January 25, 2008

She Makes My Heart Go Beat'n

Last night I asked out a girl on a whim. She works at the Greenery and she's super cute. I wrote on a napkin: "would you like to get coffee with me sometime?" followed by my number and name. I got that feeling, like right before I was about to jump off a cliff into a lake last summer. I forced my body to jump even though my mind was screaming NO! I jumped I handed her the folded napkin and went back to my seat. After a couple minutes she came and sat across from me. What I got was kind of mixed response but leaning to the good side.
She said she was very busy and had two jobs and didn't have time for a relationship.
I responded, "I just want to have a cup of coffee with you."
"Okay," she said. "Well I have your number"
I couldn't stop smiling and my heart was going crazy. She said bye to me as I left. So I might sound crazy but I kinda have this superpower. My power is extremely accurate "gut feelings." There are some people I can tell I will not like and some that I know I'll get along with greatly. I have been wrong before(Maxime and Vegan Andy). With greenery girl I have this overwhelming good feeling about her. Well I hope she calls.

I was at Barns & Nobel today. I really wanted to get a Batman comic, but resisted. I need to find some more books for my Civil War contract. Suggestions? I got some Bukowski poetry, The People Look Like Flowers at Last, and a map of Washington(Atlas was $22 bucks, lame). This is preparation for a trip this spring quarter with Hetty. We both want to do something amazing on a budget. We're thinking of camping in Eastern Washington. I hope I'm reading Blood Meridian during this.

I also make one o my bosses red in the face last week. That was amazing. It was about them painting over the murals in the dorms. Specifically the ones prospies and their parents see. Fuck that noise.

This weekend Tasha and Matt are gone, this = lame. They are two corner stones in my circle of friends and fun. What the hell am I supposed to do now! Did they ever think of that!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Diving into the Deep Unknown

As most people who read this would know, I've never been drunk before. That changed last night. Sure I've had a beer here or there in the past but I have never wanted to make that step into the drunken sea. To many o my friends I can see how you think this act is hypocritical of me. I have been hard on those who do drink in the past, and have built strength to not drink off of those who have shard my views or experiences. This was a personal step in trying to understand. This doesn't mean I will become a social drinker, but it doesn't mean I will claim to be straight edge anymore. In actuality I hope this will help make me a less bitter person.

I have been harsh with people's mistakes. I'm working on this.
No one is perfect.
I ask you to forgive me as I make mine.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Growing Up


I had a dentist appointment. My whole life I never had the same dentist or doctor. This is mostly do to a rocky financial and health care situation. Last week I was feeling some pain from my wisdom teeth coming in so I decided to find a dentist. I found a good review of this Jeff Hamilton guy, I mean he does share a name with a former president so that's a good sign. Anyway the whole experience was large dose of adulthood. I had to set an appointment, find the place, fill out forms. Dentists also scare the fuck out o me. I always think they're gonna drop one of those damn pointy tools down my throat. For humans being the top animal on this planet we sure need help taking care of our mouths. I also think they're trying to get every dollar out of you. It's like going to the mechanic. "Oh boy! You need this, this and this done." Not only does he have to take care of some new cavities but he has to fix my old fillings that my economy line dentists tried to do back in the day.

Actually this dentist experience has made me reflect on my beloved views of capitalism. I'm sure most of you know how fucked the health care system is, so I won't vent too much. It sucks, there is the incentive of private health care so we have quality work right? There are private insurance companies to help us with these bumps in the road we face. The people with great coverage normally have less money worries so when wisdom teeth comes along it's just another expense. I don't really now what I'm talking about anymore so I'm going to stop.

I don't want to keep crying about being a down and out lower-middle class. I am very privileged, in my day to day life I am not reminded of my class. But, when health and dental issues come around it's a big reality check.

After all this, my dentist just gave my a referral to an oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth. The scary part is I have know idea how this will be paid for. Any hope to travel could go down the drain because of some damn teeth. At least I still have awhile before I have to do it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Sea of Love

There once was a girl....

With red hair in Mrs. Olsen's class
Who dissected a chicken leg with me
Who picked me to dance, then I wrote a love letter
That never liked coffee
Who worked at Preschool with me
Who kissed me on stage
With eyes that changed colors
That drew me pictures and loved pink
Who was interested in someone else
That could never make up her mind
That had Dinosaur ear rings
Who went away, across the sea

Can we hold hands
I bet you wanna
Let's do
We can even wear gloves
in the cold
But it won't be necessary
Our hands will stay warm

I'm not sure why I wrote that, I'm not much of a poet. Just a way to make feelings look pretty I guess.

I ran into big blue mail box today, among other things.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Blow

has changed my life. Khaela rocks my world in so many ways.

I went to a show at the Art something or other on 5th and Washington. I came there for The Blow, but i tried to show some enthusiasm for the opening bands. Still, not my thing. The Blow was great and I don't really want to talk about it that is was so good. I wish she could've played longer. This band called Gummar and his mini band, they were wacky and dancey but the whole time I kept on thinking the blow should be up there now.

Before that I was hanging out with Amanda. It was her birthday we went to batfart and Bronson's and got some mochas. Then we hung out with Maxime and Hetty. We went to Quality Burrito, first time there, I had a grilled Cadillac, and yeah it was full of quality. Yet still The Reef was right across the street and it was hard to stay away from its warm glow. I met Tasha and Carley there and had some coffee. Yummy as Matt would say.

I've been trying to work out and eat healthy. I gotta say it's tough but when I do stuff right I feel fantastic. I went grocery shopping and bought a bunch of good-for-you stuff. But my basket was defeated by two glistening donuts. Shame. I'm trying though.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

That Snowball is Made of Fire and Death!

Hilary won the New Hampshire Primary, DAMN. McCain's alright for a Republican, I guess.

Monday night I was waken up to my window neighbor. "Charlie it's snowing!" I called Jai thinking she'd want to know, she already did but came out to watch on the balcony with me. Suddenly we were bombarded by snowballs. I used the snowball shrapnel to fight back, but soon ran out of arsenal. Therefore I bundled up and headed to war on their own ground. The attackers were none other than my fellow RA comrades Colin, Julian, and Tez. I came out of the back exit, fashioned some snowballs and made my move. I managed to break their team and turn it into a wild west shootout, every greener for themselves. As I took aim at Colin's face I saw several of my residents coming out, but instead of standing at their fearless leaders side they attempted to pummel me with snowballs of icy death. I used matrix bullet time moves and flung snowballs at Randy Johnston speed. At the end of the night I, along with everyone else involved was soaking and cold. I made peace and celebrated with my 5th floor comrades over hot cocoa.

Well to my avail all wasn't well in RAD services land. One RA was upset, and turned into a dragon because their beauty sleep was interrupted by our happiness. My boss got wind of this and wanted to show what little crap shit people we are for "getting caught up in the moment." Of course she dropped the "I should fire you" bomb that she always tosses around way to easy. Fuck that noise! I have had all sorts of jobs in my 2 decades. Dish washing, fast food, landscaping, gas station, working for a boat company. I understand doing work and doing it well for my earn. With this job there is no clock in and out then go on with your life. It follows you to every action. Well god damn it if i want to have a snowball fight at midnight, then I'm gonna do it. Life is to short to think about some worthless job. I'm gonna try to hang in there this year, mostly so I don't end up in Camp Quixote!

So that left me in a bad mood. I suck at taking care of living things. So far this year I've frozen a fish, killed half and cactus and torture an aloe vera plant. I decided to give it up to someone with more of a green thumb then I. One parent left it and another tried to care for it then gave it back. I picked off a dead chunk and without thinking kind of lung it. In all my luck it made a one in a million shot and hit her in the face. I could see the disbelief in her eyes. I felt horrible. I tried to mumble out an apology but the elevator doors closed. Fuck, I could've handled that so much better. How do I always get in these situations? I feel like a walking disaster so much! Master Of Disaster is what they should call me. I guess it keeps a blog interesting.

I'm doing an Independent Learning Contract this quarter. This means I don't have class or much structure of any kind. This scares me because I am a chronic procrastinator. So I really want to travel. I always win the who's traveled the least contest. I thought I would have the chance to do this, because of a stroke of luck on financial aid, but it looks like I'm getting less than expected. I've had several travel dreams floating around my head....
Europe - Do it all, problem unrealistic in funds
Ireland/UK - go back to my roots, problem $$$
Costa Rica - sun, beaches, jungles, speaking Spanish. I could do this WOOFING thing and with the exchange rate it would be easier on the $
Roadtrip Across America, it's easy to find people excited to do this with me(Tasha, Donovan) so there could be shared funds, I could also turn this into a contact. Problem! I have plenty of credit in U.S. History, it would be great to see America, but I really have an itching for international travel.

When I got back from the Reef tonight I found stretchy dinosaurs in front of my door. This made me super happy. So if who ever did it is a reader I thank you so much and want to give you a huge.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama Oh Mama!

Barack Obama won the Iowa Caucus last night. That's cool. My Old Man and I actually got caught watching politics and not football. Obama's my man so I'm pretty excited. If a politician's speech can give you goose bumps they've got my vote.

My neurotic personality got me stranded at home another day. I kept on putting off leaving and then a big ass storm with 90 mph winds rolled in. Oh well it probably wasn't a great idea to drive the midnight express home. I'm getting itchy feet, I mean i love my family and friends, but it's time to leave. I miss Evergreen. I am a little tired of the rain though. 

My buddy Donovan talked about getting a house with me in Olympia next year. That's badass, best of both worlds. He goes to Skagit, doing the whole EMT/fire fighter thing. I wonder how he's adapt to Olympia. Being an RA is a pretty sweet deal, but I CANNOT wait until I get a house or apartment. Some of the 4th floor kids and I talk about living in a big house together, that would be amazing, but unrealistic to pull off. I just want a kitchen to cook in. I joke about becoming a stay at home Dad, honestly I wouldn't mind this. I took a quiz and you had to pick what would be your dream job. It was between Artist and Entertainer/actor, I'm still not sure about my decision but I picked the entertainer/actor. None of these is a teacher. Again I am doubting my future. 

I reorganized my ipod nano. It's to small(2GB), so have to pick and choose my songs which is a tedious process. My music taste have grown more and more happy/upbeat since high school. My ipod officially has Jay-Z on it(thanks Corbin). I also try yo keep my ipod more upbeat because I plan on working out with it more, also improvised dance parties. I keep my record collection pretty mellow.    

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Last night I was watching Late Night with Conan O'Brien. He and Jay Leno went on air with out writers. I saw the red headed funny man come out with something on his face, it was a beard! I thought it was fake at first, but sure enough it was as real as mine or any other proud bearded person. This made me so happy. Conan was representing the same red Irish beard I rock. It's genius, he had the time during the writers strike to grow, so he never had that awkward growing stage for everyone to see on TV. Also on my winter beak TV binge I saw a commercial for a new American Gladiators, I almost wet my pants when i saw this. I loved this show when i was kid. I've also discovered the channel Chiller. It's a channel on Direct TV dedicated to freaky, horror, and cult shows and movies. Among these it plays Twin Peaks my favorite show ever. 

Back to American Gladiators. I'm a chubby kid, always kinda have, I've grown to be comfortable with that. I lost a bunch when I played football back in high school. Since then its fluctuated greatly. I noticed I was putting it on over break. My Mom, bless her heart just gets so excited when I'm home that she'll cook all my favorite foods. My favorite foods are not good for you.(homemade carmel corn, pumpkin bars, snikerdoodles, tacos, pancakes,). I mainly want to work out and whatnot for the heath reasons. The old Man has diabetes among other problems, and i have the dame blood. So I'll take his problems as advanced warning signs. 

My plan is pretty simple. Eat better and work out. Easier said, than done. I am an incredibly impulsive person. This leads to buying and eating junk. So urge my close friends to keep me in check on this. For real real, not for play play. Another reason for this is American Gladiators. I always told myself I would try to do it when I was older. Well I'm older and the show is back, I take it as a sign. To even have a snowballs chance in hell to get on the show I'll have to be in competitive physical shape. 

So I'm strapping on the running shoes and munching on a god damn carrot. 

Sugar cereal will be my toughest vice. 

Loves Charlie   

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Truth or Dare

Last night started out with some urban exploring with Carley and Donovan. I remembered an abandoned house my old man and I found on a trail. It was located on a beach between Anacortes and the oil refinery. It was further than expected, it was about 2 miles away. Donovan showed his frustration with this every time we passed a road I could have parked the car at and been closer. There wasn't much to the house, a creepy basement with a stove and freezer. It was one of those chest freezers, perfect size for body parts. 

After that we headed for Jenny's house where movie night was being held. The movie was over when we got there. The group tried to think of something to do. "Lets break the round about record." "I'm not driving." "My tanks on empty." "My license expired." "No insurance." We are hopeless. He ended up sitting around and talking. Some one came up with the bright idea to play 10 fingers. I hate this game, I always win this game and I'm not sure how good of a thing that is. Then truth or dare. I don't mind this, I never played it in high school. My first dare is to go through my phone book and call a random person and talk to them for at least a minute and a half, Matt Louv's number comes up, I leave him a 2 minute message, mostly singing and then my I'm a fox and I like apple cider routine. Giving a banana a Bj was my grand finale of dares. Carley was dared to go streaking and she did it, nothing but shoes. Then she dared Donovan to go skinny dipping in the bay. He doesn't back down, so sure enough we drive down to the bay and the next thing we know Donovan's pasty butt is running down the dock and into the water. He shrills from the cold and makes his way out holding his junk in the most grace full manner. I stand ready with towels. He tells Carley she needs to do it. Alright she says. Jenny follows her to the dock with a blanket ready. Carley strips and now her little bum is racing down the dock, she makes a leap at the end. She out did Donovan. 
Oh small town life. 

I'm coming back to Evergreen soon. Pretty much ready to come back. Matt Louv and I were talking about starting a frat. So sk8 town. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ohhh Eight!

I actually had a good New Years! It started out hanging out with Donovan. We hung out at my Dad's and made Spider-man Mac&Cheese and set off fireworks. Then throw old bananas at cars. After that we went to Hannah's house and played a board game called Battle of the Sexes. This is possible the stupidest board game ever created. We left 20 minutes till midnight and went to Michelle's house just in time to watch the space needle and count down. I gathered everybody together with pots and pans for a noise parade around town. We screamed and sang and banged things together in a lap around town. It was a fantastic time! When we got back we realized that the space needle fireworks malfunctioned, ha, so we didn't miss any of that. 

I wanted to bake a cake for 2008, cause it sounded so cool. We went to Jenny's to do this, but we had hot cocoa and got to tired. Oh well. 

Donovan went back to my house and had microwave mini pizzas(cancer) while watching The Station Agent on IFC. IFC is the coolest channel ever. A couple days ago i saw Elephant a Gus Van Sant film. That film was so fucking depressing and disturbing. 

Okay thats all. Happy New Year kiddos!