Friday, March 27, 2009

Big Pimp'n

Haven't blogged in awhile. Hands have been to tired from finishing that paper.

This Spring Break has been kinda different. Went home for 4 days at the end of eval week, then spent the rest of break in Olympia. Feeling more and more like home here. More Friends here.

Donovan is moving to Seattle. This makes me kinda sad and happy, because when I come home he will likely not be around, but he will be closer in Seattle and it will be fun excuse to go to the big city.

The old man had his gull bladder removed and was walking around like a crazy person in the garage on vico!

I am super excited about my class this quarter. I'm glad Matty Louv is in it too. Like the olden days of freshmen year.

Also excited about Operation Not Having any Fun! Hella camping! Bridgetown Comedy Festival sounds fun too.

Haven't heard from Camp Kirby yet. Making my nervous. I may have to go to Alaska! Yikes!


Donovan said...

I'll make the trip for you bud.

Natasha Norton said...

Alaska :(