Monday, April 13, 2009

In the Future

So in my last year of high school we has this class called senior seminar. I don't know if this is a Washington state thing or a La Conner thing. But anyway, it was basically a class were you took personality tests and choose to two careers you would like to do in the future, do a job shadow, then present your "plan for the future" to a board of "community" members. I remember they made it seem very important, and now that a look back on it, like most things in high school it wasn't important at all.

So what I wish I said was that I think I would reach my highest potential in a post-apocalyptic America. Whether it be Skynet, google, zombies, cannibals, Russians, robots, aliens what have you.
This would be my time to shine! Then I would say my backup plan was to be a teacher.


Natasha Norton said...

Things Charlie thinks will cause the end of the world:

and Google.

Yep, those things are all equally scary and post apocalyptic.

Amanda said...

Paranoia is a healthy way to think about the future.