Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fair Well Youth

I'm in my last hour as an underage person. Don't feel any different yet.
Also I can't wait to sink my teeth into a brownie at the stroke of midnight.

Good news for the Arrested Development movie

Pancakes in the morning, HELL YES!


Then get new license and meet with Tasha about her movie

Hit the bars.

My Old Man said I should give him a call that night, said he's never heard what I sound like when inebriated.

I don't think he wants to know.

studied up my beers online. I hope I can be a porter kind of guy


Natasha Norton said...

Man, if only your sugar fast ended yesterday, those free pancakes at IHOP were great!! Also studying beers online, totally dorky!

Laurel said...

You should really TASTE the beers before you decide what "kind of guy" you want to be.
Porter is fucking gross.